CINCINNATI, OH, August 25, 2014 – NEHCRC President Zachary Haines officially announced his candidacy for the Ohio State Board of Education. He will be running in District 4 which includes all of Hamilton, Warren and a small portion of Butler County. Zac was asked to consider running by outgoing President of the State Board, Debe Terhar. He hopes to brings a passion for learning and much needed business perspective to the classroom and what amounts to be the largest line item in the state budget. Haines opposes common core, support a parents right to choose the type of school that is best for their son or daughter, and would also like to expand career technical education opportunities.

“I realize this will be an incredibly tough race to win,” said Haines. “We are entering into the campaign late and the teachers union is dead set on taking back control of the state board of education. With that said, our children’s education is too important and I am honored to answer the call.”

Among other things, Zac would like to see a greater emphasis placed on history and civics, as well as bringing cursive back to the classroom. His “Three A’s for Better Schools” plan includes Advocacy, Accountability and Achievement.

“I am running so every child in Ohio receives the quality of education that they truly deserve. I know my support of school choice and classroom accountability might not be popular with some in the education establishment, but we have to do a better job preparing our children to be successful and lifelong learners.”

For more information about Zachary Haines and his policy positions, click on the video link above to hear from the candidate in his own words. You can also follow Zac on Facebook at or visit his website, to learn more.